About Premium ehf.

Premium ehf. was founded in 2010 to collect fees from wage payers on behalf of the German insurance company Versicherungskammer (Bayern Líf). Premium is headquartered in Siglufjörður and employs 9 people.

The founders of Premium chose Siglufjörður because of the substantial knowledge base in fee collection that has been developed there.

The company handles fee registration, and primary and intermediate collection of pension fund contributions, using the Jóakim software suite from Init, which is Iceland's most widespread pension and association management system. 

Premium became a legally authorized collection company in August 2015, thereby falling under the supervision of the Financial Supervisory Authority. Bayern Versicherungskammer AG (VKB) / Bayern Líf offers personal property savings for Icelanders based on Act No. 129/1997 on mandatory pension rights and the activities of pension funds.

VKB is under the supervision of Bafin, the German Financial Supervisory Authority. 

VKB's Icelandic operation is under the supervision of the Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority (FME), ensuring that consumer protection, money laundering prevention, and investment policy are in line with Act No. 129/1997.

Operations of the insurance broker PM-Premium Makler GmbH, which brokers VKB products, are also under the supervision of both Bafin and FME.

We Are Premium

Our employees strive to provide you and yours the best service available. We are proud of our staff and confident they will serve you well.